About Us

About Quest

Our Mission

Quest enables children, adults and volunteers to have the opportunity to experience enjoyment and to achieve personal goals through participation in sporting and therapeutic equestrian programmes, in a safe and supportive environment; resulting in improved quality of life.

Our Values

Community and Friendship
Honesty and Integrity
Efficiency Equal Opportunity
Our Commitment

Focusing on needs – listening to the needs of our riders, carers, volunteers and schools.
Quality service/support – continually to strive to improve the quality of the service we deliver to our clients.
Skilled employees, coaches and volunteers – attracting, developing and retaining highly skilled and dedicated people, for       example, by encouraging volunteers to participate in the RDA community volunteering qualification.  Involvement with RDA research tracking the changes in a rider over a four-month period.

Resource efficiency – using our resources efficiently to the greatest benefit for our clients

Community and friendship – fostering growth, belonging and friendship amongst Quest, Laris Farm and our county RDA.   As an organisation we must encourage respect for each other’s opinions, and at the end agree to come to a level of  compromise.  
Demonstrating a collaborative approach.

Increased Awareness – conducting strong PR and awareness campaigns to broaden the local community’s awareness of Quest’s work.  For example, the sponsored ride, organising a disabled dressage event/gymkhana.  Fundraising events.

Transparency and Accountability – being open and consulting within Quest, Laris Farm and county RDA.  Demonstrating a collaborative approach.

Participating Nationally – maintaining close relationships with County RDA and National RDA
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