Our qualified RDA Coaches help children and young people with special needs to achieve proficiency awards and other resources that recognise effort and persistence to gain success.

riding for the disabled horse care

Quest rides take place at Laris Farm in Chobham in the large outdoor school or through the Woodland Trail.

Currently, Quest has one special needs school that brings participants each week to enjoy spending time with our horses and learn about different aspects of horse care.

These participants are unable to access main stream curriculum due to the challenges they face so giving them the opportunity to have a learning experience through horses is incredibly valuable.

The children show significant improvements, including:  Greater focus, Self-confidence, Raised self-esteem and Enhanced social skills.

During their time at Quest RDA the participants work towards their Horse Care RDA Proficiency badges.

The RDA Proficiency test programme has been carefully designed to be as accessible as possible, encouraging participants on each step of the way.

From Grades 1 to 4, the tests gradually increase in difficulty, providing an attainable challenge within the scope of the individuals’ capabilities and giving participants the opportunity to gain useful, practical knowledge, even at a basic level.

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If you would like more information please contact us at: