Meet Our Horses

Ben Quest RDA Horse riding for the disabled ponies


In 2014, Quest were very lucky to be awarded a Postcode Lottery Grant from RDA National, which enabled us to buy Ben, a 13.3hh New Forest Gelding. Ben is a definite favourite with lots of the children and absolutely loves any attention!

Diablo Quest RDA Horse riding for the disabled ponies


Diablo is a 13hh Fell pony and was purchased following the success of our Masquerade Ball in 2016. We are delighted to have him on our team and he is very well suited to the job! He is a great size for some of our smaller riders and ones that need support from two side walkers. Diablo loves getting cuddles from our riders and volunteers, especially those who have polo mints in their pockets!

Magic Quest RDA Horse riding for the disabled ponies


Magical Millie is a 14.2hh Piebald (black and white) pony, who joined our team in April 2016 thanks to the generous support of the Rokers Complex in Guildford. Magic fitted in at Quest RDA like a dream and is a firm favourite with both the children and adults who ride her.

Jack Quest RDA Horse riding for the disabled ponies


Jack is a 14.3hh Black Cob Gelding. ‘His full name is Jack in the Box’ and he joined the Quest team in May 2017. Jack loves our Woodland Sensory ride and is suitable for both our children and adults.

Princess Hollie Quest RDA Pony


Hollie joined the Quest team in June 2022. She is a 12.2hh Cob who is 6 years old. Hollie is the smallest of the Quest team and so will be very useful for our younger riders.

Misty Quest RDA Horse 2


We were delighted in June 2023 that Misty was back at Laris Farm and became a permanent member of the Quest RDA team.

Misty is an 11.2hh Welsh A mare and is extremely pretty. When Misty was at Laris Farm previously our smaller riders used to love riding her so we are very happy to have the opportunity to purchase her and have her back with us. Sure lots of our smaller riders will have lots of fun with her.

Oscar Quest RDA Horse


In February 2023 Oscar joined the Quest RDA team. Oscar is a 12 year old 15.1hh Chestnut Cob. He is strikingly handsome and our coaches were impressed with his unflappable nature.

Oscar will carry some of our older and bigger children although we expect he to be a firm favourite with everyone.

Long Service Awards

On 16th July 2015, HRH The Princess Royal presented Long Service Medals to our ponies Bassett, *Hunky and *Jake during her visit to Quest RDA. The visit was in celebration of Quest’s “Ruby” anniversary, but also of the group’s current achievements and of a golden future ahead.

*Sadly, since this article was published on our website, both Hunky and Jake have passed away, but we remember them with great fondness. They both reached a good age and enjoyed a period of retirement after their work with Quest.

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